Ohana Digital Marketing – Site Visibility

Ohana Digital Marketing – Site Visibility

Getting your site visibility up to par can be a difficult process without a good guide. Ohana Digital knows how hard it is – it’s a huge part of what we do. Every business needs to bring online marketing to one of its most vital resources: your website.The Internet is a crowded field. Making it stand out doesn’t have to be difficult, and with just a few things in mind, we can help you get noticed quickly.

Have a Blog

This idea proves it’s own worth just by the act of what you’re doing right now: you’re reading our blog. You’re seeing it on our site, and you’re absorbing our content. Your blog is an incredibly important portal for bringing in new business. It lets you connect directly to your customers, your employees, and your peers. Get your message out there in a tried and true way that connects people together with narrative and perspective. And another very important aspect, it shows Google that you are constantly updating your website. Which is one of the factors Google uses to help improve your sites ranking in searches.

Make Social Media Work For You

A considerable amount of traffic on the internet goes directly into Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms can be another way for your audience to find you and click into your website. More often than not, it’s free! While you can opt for paid solutions to widen your audience, you’re not beholden to that model. Get a business profile up and running, and point it to your site. You’re getting more visible already!

Know The Right Words

You can always make sure that you show up in the right searches by focusing on certain keywords for your site. While it’s not something everyone knows, Ohana can assist you in finding the unique words you know your audience is searching by. Make sure those words show up in your article titles, your outbound links, and placed in the right places and combinations of the meat of your texts.

Word of Mouth

Get people talking! Make sure that when you’re in the world outside of the web that people have business cards with your site on them, that you’re networking at local events, and find ways to make sure you can bring your business to the front of the conversation where and when it matters.

Create a Repository of Content

It’s not just about blogs – you have more tools than ever to craft your message and get it into a searchable, accessible collection. You can make videos, podcasts, reviews – all of these elements can be added to your site along with a blog to make sure that your message is found in the right context and an a format that does the most good for your audience and your business.

Get Help

Remember how we said it could be difficult to get out there in front of the people who need to hear your message most? Ohana Digital can assist you with all your digital marketing needs. ‘Ohana invites you to contact us to learn more about driving web traffic to your business. Start a consultation today by phone (877-642-6288) or email (info@ohanadigital.com), and we’ll be happy to bring our experience to work for you.

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