Consulting Services


Print Marketing, Business Cards, Brochures, One Pagers, Billboards, Graphic Design and More. 

How we can help

ʻOhana Digital goes beyond the internet to manage your print marketing!

Putting your graphic and print needs in our hands for your direct marketing campaigns can bring traditional and online marketing together for maximum effectiveness and affordability.

Your logo and branding are your whole identity and how the outside world perceives you is vital to your overall success.  Let us help you put your best foot forward and connect with your audience.  We have executed several billboard campaigns and direct mail programs for several clients. We can accommodate any project of any scope and any budget.
Graphic Design Services
  • Web, Print, Digital Design for any creative project
  • Branding with logo design and creative aesthetic for any deliverable
Print Advertising
  • Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads
  • Billboard Ads- Static and Digital
  • Display Ads- Storefronts, Windows
Direct Mail Advertising
  • Menu Designs and Delivery
  • Flyer/Brochure Designs and Deliver
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