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Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to increase organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic consists of new users to your website, who are searching the internet for your products and/or services. This is done by combining keywords and content relevant to your products and/or services on to your website pages. We also use link building, social media optimization (facebook, Google+, Instagram, twitter, etc.), and content marketing to increase traffic and new users to your website. All these processes combined help to increase your rank on search engines. Increased rankings on search engines will increase your visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO is all about ranking your website higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. for your product and/or service. Higher rankings will make it easier for conversions of your product and/or services.

Link Building is the process of exchanging links with reputable websites to increase your quality links on your website. This helps search engines determine how relevant your website is in their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Link building is an important step in the overall SEO process.

Social Media Optimization also helps drive traffic back to your website. We create and optimize your social media accounts and help optimize accounts already in place. Not only is this important for SEO, but it also helps to build your brand awareness. Getting your brand out on social media increases and drives more traffic to your website.

Content Marketing can consist of blogs, press releases, infographics, and video marketing.

  • Blogs serve a dual purpose when it comes to SEO. Firstly, it shows Search Engines that you are constantly updating your website. Secondly, it can help build internal links from your blog page to other relevant pages on your website.
  • Press releases are linked to reputable press release websites that will link back to your website. This will help create quality links to your website.
  • Infographics are created to combine visualization and content. This can help hold a user’s attention, create brand awareness, increase your search marketing results, and a myriad of other benefits all designed to increase conversions on your website.
  • Video marketing is use of short, rich media videos about you and/or your business. These videos will work a lot like infographics to help create a more attentive user and user experience. It will also engage the user using sight and sound to better to connect to your branding and message.

PPC Management

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is an online advertising tool used to drive traffic to websites. This is a highly measurable tool which can be tracked in search engine’s AdWords. You can set a monthly spend budget for AdWord spend. With a budget set, we can set AdWords’ tools to adjust spend per day when you have better chance of converting. But this will not exceed your monthly budget spend. And you are only charged when your ad is clicked.

With PPC it is possible to focus your business on a granular level. We can set you up for certain locations down to the zipcode. We can set up for specific times for your ads to run, which could drive conversions when your traffic is higher. And we can also set your ads for demographic targeting. This is where we can focus on certain age groups, genders, parental status, or household incomes. Demographic targeting will help drive customers that your business is targeting to your website.

At ʻOhana Digital, we will create ads focused on driving traffic to your website and getting quality leads for your business conversions. We will work on getting the lowest cost per clicks possible while adjusting your ad spend to optimize conversions. All the while staying within your monthly budget parameters.

Social Media Marketing

The use of Social Media Marketing for your service and/or product, is integral in building brand awareness. You want potential customers to gain attention and awareness of your business through social media sites. There are many social media sites that you can use to increase traffic to your website. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are very useful tools for this, just to name a few. These trusted sites help refer people back to your site. This works hand in hand with SEO(search engine optimization). Driving traffic to your site is an important step of SEO.

Once we know your business goals we will suggest the best plan of attack to socially meet those goals. Through Social Media Marketing we will setup and optimize any and all accounts to help you achieve the desired results. Optimizing of these social media accounts can be done by but not limited to posting, content creation, paid ads, and linking to your website.

Social media is growing at such a rapid rate, so much so that facebook is quietly emerging as a major search engine in and of itself (2 billion searches a day). And even though Facebook search is not considered a traditional SEO component, Facebook has definitely become a must have for all social media marketing campaigns. A big advantage of social media optimization is that your social pages can rank on SERPs. So if someone searches for your product/service there is a possibility that both your website and Facebook page appear in the results. Which would increase the likelihood that they will click on you over your competitors.

Need to rebuild or repair your online reputation? We have the tools to improve your online reputation for your brand and/or for you personally. So when people search you directly, they will find positive aspects of your business and you personally. We can use your standing in the community, your charitable foundations and charities you support, and your entrepreneurship that you do for the betterment of the community and your business.

At ʻOhana Digital Agency we have tools and know how to help repair your reputation from the most minute problems to the larger scale 911 emergency problems. These problems can be bad reviews, negative articles, competitor attacks, etc. The end game here is to move any negative articles and negative publicity from the top pages of search engines, to ensure that the user searching you directly will be able to see you in the best possible light. In essence, we will be your online public relations firm.

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