Branding and Digital Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Branding and Digital Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Digital marketing focuses on finding new consumers and generating revenue, while digital branding is all about creating value and establishing loyalty and brand awareness. These days your digital footprint heavily supports your brand. Whether you are building and/or maintaining a website or utilizing your business’ social medic platforms, what you are sending out into the digital world, is how your brand is being received. Think about your brand identity and what differentiates your brand from all the others out there. This will be your help you create your own unique marketing approach. 

With Ohana Digital’s expertise, we can bring your business into the digital world. Whether you are in Greater Philadelphia or Honolulu area, we are current with the marketing trends and can have your business up to speed. From websites to digital marketing, we’ll focus on the digital side, while you focus on the day-to-day. 

Word of mouth has always been the best way to advertise and market. In the past, this would be spread through in-person conversations and social events. While this can still be a factor in today’s world; most of it refers to something they came across on their smartphones. “Did you see that post?” “We should try this?” When we see something we like on social media, we tag our friends or share the post. A few shares can go a long way. Suppose the person who shared your business’s post has 400 friends – that is 400 potential clients/ consumers, then if out of those 400 another 4 people share it, your reach has just doubled, tripled so on and so on. Because of this potential, it’s important to keep up with your online reputation. A monthly blog can not only keep your website current but it can also be shared on social media. In addition to this, pay per clicks ads can also help promote and market your brand. These types of marketing help keep your page active and brand fresh. This is what is driving your potential clients/ customers to your product. You really need to know and understand the game to play to win. 

From the city of brotherly love to the city of Honolulu, Ohana Digital can take your business to the next level, reach out today for a free consultation and see what Ohana digital can do for you. Call us at (877)642-6288 or email us at 

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