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Content Marketing to Captivate

Content Marketing is the Key to Your Keywords

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about attracting, engaging and retaining an audience by creating and promoting content, videos, articles, podcasts, and other forms of media. The creation of said media is focused on the interest of your audience. Whatever you are building your brand around will need to be reflected in the content that is being produced. 

Content for Digital Marketing 

Writing content for digital marketing, it has to center around industry terms that define your products and/or services. These terms will be the keywords needed to connect with your audience. This seems like a simple process. But it does take a digital marketer’s touch to find what works and what doesn’t. The best way to find the keywords needed after the industry terms are defined is doing keyword research.  

Keyword Research 

Google accounts for about 90% of the searches made daily. Ohana Digital using the Keyword Planner Tool from Google is a no brainer. This doesn’t mean you will only show up on Google. These keywords will help you show up on all Search Engines if done right.  

The Keyword Planner Tool allows you to enter keywords for your business, and lets you know how many searches are made for the keywords you want to use. The more keywords searched for in your industry will be the ones you will want in the content of your website. This does not mean that you won’t want some less searched keywords in the content if you feel it will help your business in the long run. 

Once you pick the right keywords for your business, it is time for on-page recommendations. This will help determine the menu pages and subpages that need to be created. Content will then be created for any and all pages to drive relevant traffic to your website. Using the right keywords and content will help drive traffic to your site. Which in turn will help your website conversions and goals for your business.

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