5 Reasons to Contact a Digital Solutions Company Right Away

It’s been a busy year here at Ohana Digital! We’ve been working hard in the trenches, building brand new websites and marketing strategies for clients like Mana’olana International, Come Sell or High Water, and XX. As we have been moving through this year, though, we have noticed general curiosity around what exactly a Digital Solutions Company is and what they can do. So, we thought we would talk about it a bit. For starters, we can help companies with things like Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing. We help craft social media marketing plans and strategize how to raise brand awareness for clients. We can obviously help with web design, too, but also branded printing and business cards. In short, we can help with A LOT. With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to contact a Digital Solutions Company right away.  

  1. Channel Management: This refers largely to management of all the various places you post information for the masses. Social media is huge in online marketing, but the options keep expanding. We can help with deciding where and when makes the most sense for you to post as well as generating that content. 
  2. Saving Money: Partnering with experts such as a Digital Solutions Company on a contractor basis (versus hiring an employee to do that same work) allows you to keep flexibility with your capital. Plus, as a contractor we are constantly hustling to keep you happy.  
  3. Industry Insights: Part of our job as a Digital Solutions Company is to stay on top of industry trends. We spend hours and hours learning and improving our expertise so we can pass along that knowledge to the people we work with. All that knowledge would be something you would have to pay for to have an employee learn it.    
  4. Measurable Results: Our industry is data driven. Nearly everything we do has a metric to track its progress. With the proper dashboards and understanding, anyone can see the numbers and know whether what we are doing is working or not. In short, there is very little guess work when it comes to our work. 
  5. Up-To-Date Practices: Like the industry insights section above, our job is to keep up-do-date on best practices. When to push more on one social media outlet versus another, times of day that get the most eyeballs, keywords that work best for the industry you are in…all of that is stuff we are constantly monitoring and tapping in to.  

If any of this sounds like something you could benefit from, reach out to Ohana Digital today! We would be happy to discuss how your company could benefit from our services.  

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