It’s Time To Update Your Site!

It’s Time To Update Your Site

The only constant in life is change, doubly so on the internet. Your website design should be no different. When you first made it, you were thinking in terms of the past, and the web design of today is waiting for you to catch up to it. Not sure if your design is up to the challenge? Stop for a moment and ask yourself these questions to find out if it’s time for some sprucing up or even a total overhaul of your website design.

Has my business model changed?

If your business has changed its core mission or you’ve decided to take a new direction, an old site isn’t doing you much good. You’ll need to update your mission statement at the very least and to make sure all of your pages are offering valid content. Make sure you’re emphasizing your core competencies and that it speaks to them in wording your audience will connect with. New strategies call for new solutions to get noticed.

Did your target audience change?

Speaking of your audience, are you still speaking to the right parties? As business models change, so does your target audience. Plenty of companies change gears only to find that their contact lists haven’t reflected it. If that’s the case, your website probably hasn’t either. Make sure your message on every page addresses that new vertical or industry. Let your new audiences know you’re talking to them.

Does the competition make you feel less competitive?

If you’re feeling envy when looking at the sites of the competition, chances are you’ve wanted to do a redesign for quite some time. Find out what it is about their website design that makes you want to change. It could be one of many different things, from the choice of font, formatting, accompanying stock photography, or anything else really. If you want it, it should be on the table and up for consideration.

Are you built on a good foundation?

A huge reason websites are due for an update is performance and usability. The internet is clogged with inefficiencies that come from inadequate web hosting platforms, sloppy code, or technology that’s outmoded or even entirely past prime. Tired of having Ruby crash? Sick of pulling data from Access databases? Update! The majority of old technologies and coding languages aren’t helping you. It’s time to get up to date.

Were you thinking at all about SEO?

One of the foremost reasons to update is SEO. It’s a rapidly growing, constantly developing thing that everyone should be looking into. Without it, you’re missing out on the rankings you need to thrive in a modern world. With unique and helpful keywords, appropriate and helpful backlinking, and the right formatting, your site can gain more traction to get your message out to the people who need it.

That’s My Site! What do I do?!

We know that the online world moves quickly and it can be overwhelming, so we invite you to contact us to learn more about ‘Ohana and how we can help. Start a consultation today by phone (877-642-6288) or email (, and we’ll be happy to bring our experience to work for you.

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