You Need To Be Mobile

You Need To Be Mobile

Mobile device use is still on an incredible upswing. Research suggests that 77% of adult americans now use Smartphones. With numbers like that, the old rules of Digital Marketing and Web Design no longer apply – just getting by with a site meant to be seen on a desktop is no longer feasible. Many web viewers don’t even use laptops or workstations in their personal lives anymore, opting instead to browse, shop, gather news, and communicate exclusively through their tablets and phones.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your business can tap into that large viewing base. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

How Do I Go Mobile?

‘Ohana Digital can get you there!

We focus on several aspects, but it all starts with modern, responsive website design. We primarily utilize the popular platform, WordPress to make sure that your site gets the most out of the mobile device design approach. Our WordPress themes automatically format your content, identifying when a user accesses your site through a mobile device and presenting it accordingly.

The design doesn’t have to suffer either! Mobile approaches can still make use of all the necessary media options. Photos, videos, blog entries, embedded content – they all convert seamlessly regardless of platform. For tougher tasks, fine-tuning is possible as well. Our themes are customizable, and they can be tailor-made to your exact specifications if out-of-the-box themes don’t give you the exact experience your users expect.

Where To Start?

We know that the online world moves quickly and it can be overwhelming, but we invite you to contact us to learn more about ‘Ohana and how we can help. Start a consultation today by phone (877-642-6288) or send us an email ( We’ll be happy to bring our experience to work for you.

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