Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is an online advertising tool used to drive traffic to websites. This is a highly measurable tool which can be tracked in the search engine’s AdWords. You can set a monthly spend budget for AdWord spend. With a budget set, we can set AdWords’ tools to adjust spend per day when you have a better chance of converting. But this will not exceed your monthly budget spend. And you are only charged when your ad is clicked.

With PPC it is possible to focus your business on a granular level. We can set you up for certain locations down to the zip code. We can set up for specific times for your ads to run, which could drive conversions when your traffic is higher. And we can also set your ads for demographic targeting. This is where we can focus on certain age groups, genders, parental status, or household incomes. Demographic targeting will help drive customers that your business is targeting to your website.

At ʻOhana Digital, we will create ads focused on driving traffic to your website and getting quality leads for your business conversions. We will work on getting the lowest cost per clicks possible while adjusting your ad spend to optimize conversions. All the while staying within your monthly budget parameters.